The Squid to arrive soon

Doc says pretty much any day now we could be having the baby. I am a combination of freaked,happy,excited,worried.

This is a big bold new step in life…..

I wish

I really wish I understood how to work WordPress and all its plugins better.

My squid

Less than one month….my son will be born. I am excited, and freaking out. My wife is a saint!

Trying to get busy

Working on my Facebook page for Anjin Design and on this website has me up to my ears in finding and re-organizing years of art. I didn’t realize how many files I had….but good to go through it all. Finding some work I forgot I had even done.

Hopefully in the near future I will have this site more fleshed out with my work….if I can just find and sort it all.

Cheers, Anjin

Eden Concepts


The Walk in the forest 9-5-2011